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Annual Christmas feast for vulnerable people

Two hundred and fifty less fortunate people were welcomed in six groups by 138 volunteers on Christmas. In a church hall transformed into a banquet hall, men, women, youth, children, had an experience of a modern Nativity story.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DEbpFhpDbZ8

Agape Church works hand in hand with different churches in the city to serve vulnerable people offering them a special occasion on Christmas.
With a special meal, music, gifts and treats, the guests are received as VIP’s.
The most important aim of the day is to share the love of God and explain with words and works of kindness The Greatest Gift of all.

Against the expectations of many, the Greatest Gift Festival could take place this year. Miraculously, meals were possible again, provided that strict Corona measures were followed. And just in time, because the next day all indoor events were cancelled.
It became a multicultural feast on Christmas Day itself, celebrating the greatest gift to mankind. After all, Jesus Christ was born on earth as Saviour for all nations, and this was beautifully reflected this time in six delicious meals in which the culinary accents of Belgium, Greece, Africa, Asia, South America and also the Arab world, could be tasted.

A great thanks to all volunteers of AGAPE and other churches, the organisations that participated one way or the other, the gifts of many and the prayers. You made it possible, you gave smiles to the faces of those that need it the most, you revived the Christmas story.

Would the wise men that came from the East have had a full understanding of what their actions would bring about, when they decided to follow the Star and go to worship in Bethlehem? Would they have known, that they would become a permanent part of the Christmas story when they laid their precious, meaningful gifts at the feet of the newly born baby Jesus? You planted a precious seed that will never be forgotten.