About Us

Volunteers & Teams


Serving is a core value of Agape Church. We believe it is an inseparable aspect of worship.

All members are welcome and encouraged to volunteer in different areas starting from basic things and developing in areas of particular gifting, grace, and call.

Cleaning: serving starts with practical things just like in every family and home.

Cooking: we eat together every Sunday after the service. Meals are prepared by different individuals or teams at home or by special arrangements, at church.

Ushering: welcoming people, preparing the table, clearing up, coffee-tea table

Children work: either in handling Sunday school or assisting a Sunday school teacher or escorting children to the playing ground of the church after the service.

Music: for those that have musical talents or want to learn, there are weekly rehearsals and the possibility to learn on request. Those that are able, are welcomed to play an instrument or sing with the worship team during a mid-week service or on Sunday.

Media: audio-, video recordings, and broadcasting, editing, Social Media, FB, website.

Graphic Design: Developing flyers, posters, invitations, and promotional material

Administration: Communication, Secretarial duties, Bookkeeping, Finances, and official publications.

Translation: from the podium or simultaneous during the Sunday service and we even need translation of our website content.

Outreach: Reaching out weekly, from door to door or on the street with creative methods to share the Good News.

Events: you can volunteer in children’s work and animation, sales for the benefit of missions, ushering, setting up, and breaking down departments for the various outreach events that Agape Church is participating in serving the city and the needy.

Weekly: you can volunteer weekly in one or more departments on a weekly or part-time basis for the church, street children projects that the church supports, or missions.


We invite you to be part of one or more of our teams:

      • Bible study group
      • Prayer team
      • Media team
      • Social Media team
      • Outreach team
      • Children work in a team
      • Worship team
      • Deacony team: cleaning, cooking, selling for the street children, caring for the needy

Our teams are functioning as parts of the big church family and are meant to be smaller units where members get the opportunity to develop their relationship with God and one another, discover and activate their giftings, and fulfill God’s purposes.