About Us


In 2016 we felt the clear call of God to start a new church in Antwerp. Just like every new life needs to be defined by identity and a name, our compelling aim was to create a place where God’s Presence would be the cutting point, where God and not man, would have the say, where He could do what He wants.  

With a group of seven committed people we agreed and started the first service with 29 people in the home of the pastor. 

We had prayer meetings and Bible studies but decided not to give a name until a testing period of three months would pass.  

When we met again as a team thereafter, three things were resolved: the name, the affiliation with Koinonia Ministries and the importance to relate with the broader body of Christ.  

Time and difficulties are the best screening of hearts, mindsets and motivations. That is why we allowed seasons to pass before we officially appoint a leadership team. 

In September 2021, in-between exchanging rules and regulations of the National Security Committee, we consecrated our first associate pastors and deacon.  

Eugenia Daskalopoulou-Tarlizou