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About Us

AGAPE Church
We are a contemporary church with a Biblical foundation, focused on Jesus’ example and His commission for one another and the world. Our community is multicultural, considering different nationalities as an expression of God’s riches. Our services and message embrace them with special care.
The 7 pillars of our church from which all our activities and services derive are:

      • worship
      • community
      • Bible study
      • prayer
      • discipleship
      • outreach
      • caring for the needy

What deeply drives us in relating with God and one another is our motto:
Loving God, loving people (1John 4:20-21)

The mission we embrace defines what we do and is:
To preach the Good News to the nations, to baptize and disciple people (Mt 28:19-20; Mk
16:15-18) leading them to the fullness of life provided by Jesus on the Cross of Calvary (John 10:10).
Though we are have not achieved perfection, our aim as individuals and collectively is:
To grow into the fullness of Christ (Eph 4:13).

The way we function comes out of what we believe that the Church is:
Far more than an institution, a living organism, functioning as a Body, Christ Himself is the Head. Every individual is precious and has been given unique talents and gifts that are meant to serve and compliment one another in love so that there is unity, harmony, healing, and wholeness in the Church
(Rom 12:4-9; 1 Co 12; Eph 1:22, 4:15-16).

The core values you can expect to find among us are:

      • humility
      • kindness
      • service
      • giving
      • love

We acknowledge the God-given authority of the local church and the people called to lead her. The book of Acts is, in this aspect, our major reference. Moreover, we acknowledge the importance of the fivefold ministry of apostles, prophets, evangelists, shepherds and teachers, to establish the church and empower the full capacity of her members’ potential in unity and love.
(Eph 4:7-16).
Church Leadership
Our church leadership consists of overseer pastor(s) and elders supported by deacons with various ministry gifts. Their appointment is based on the divine call, their good behavior, service and Biblical conditions (1 Ti 3:1-13, Ti 1:5-9) without discrimination of race, gender, and social status (Ga3:26-29; Ga 4:4). 

We welcome people with this mindset to be part of us or simply visit our services and attend our activities. They are open to all.

We are connected as a member of the Ecclesia Network of Pentecostal Churches in Belgium, in affiliation with Koinonia Ministries and the City Prayer of Antwerp. We are committed to walking in unity with other churches in Antwerp and throughout Belgium.