Hope festival brings hope

We love to bring hope in Jesus Name
“There is hope also for you, don’t give up!” resounded over the audience and the terraces on the Groenplaats.
In his inspiring speech from the podium of the Hope Festival, Pr Leo Maeckelberghe addressed people in difficult circumstances, drawing their attention to hope for a bright future. Out of his heart and own experience, he spoke of The Hope in Jesus Christ that transcends illness, depression, and all problems.
Finally, he linked Belgium to Uganda by saying: “All the nations of the world need this Hope, and today we are also focussing in particular on the street children of Uganda. We all bear some responsibility to bring hope in their world, for them.”
Hope, love, and faith were the theme of the Hope Festival on the 15th of May 2021 at the Groenplaats of Antwerp, building a bridge between Uganda and Belgium, animation and essential service, the demanding times we live in, and the source of true hope.
Artists and volunteers from different churches as well as friends and family members, came from all over to perform on the stage of the festival or to serve in the flea market or one of the tents selling food and drinks, to build up or to break down, from early in the morning till late in the evening, at the heart of Antwerp.
Hope Festival is dedicated to the street children of Uganda, who are provided with care, rehabilitation, education, training, and an opportunity to a valuable future. Hundreds of children are currently supported in different districts of the country and different phases through the work of Koinonia in Uganda. The stories of these children are heartbreaking. (active link to KoinoniaKids stories page)
The annual festival took place this time in between the lockdowns. With many restrictions but miraculously through, it spread the sounds of gospel music all over the place as premier after a long silence in the city due to the pandemic.
“I could hardly believe my ears when I heard the gospel songs from far”, said the young lady to someone from the organizing team. ‘What a wonderful way to interact and share the Good News,” she remarked after observing every activity on the square and ending up at the street children’s tent. She was grateful to receive the address of Agape Church, which was an answer to her prayer. Recently, she decided to follow Jesus and was looking for a place to grow spiritually.

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